• Greek Salad
    Cucumber, Tomato, Feta Cheese, Oregano, Olive, Olive Oil, White Pepper
  • Potato harra (spicy)
    Potato, Olive Oil, Garlic, Paprica, Hot Pepper, Salt
  • Hummus Tahini
    chick peas, lemon salt, tahina, olive oil, salt
  • Moutabbal
    Eggplant, lemon salt, tahini, garlic and salt
  • Fattouch
    Cucumber, tomato, green pepper, summak, mint, radish, green thyme, lettuce, spring onion, lemon juice, pomegranate, olive oil, garlic, salt


Dunes Catering provides the best in catering and work-force services across a wide range of business sectors. Dunes will be managed ethically and safely, be respectful of people and is committed to the personal development of its employees. Our service will be provided up to a level of quality and not down to a level of budgetary constraint.

About Us

Dunes Catering, established in Qatar in 2007, is a full service food catering company, providing services for onsite production crew and hotels as well as retail products for select airlines and leading supermarkets. All of our food is created fresh in our Doha kitchen on a daily basis.

We offer first class service, with fresh and delicious food to match. We have an honest approach in our customer relationships as well as a special focus on health and safety and a commitment to sustainability and environmental care.

Our in-depth knowledge of the catering industry is born of 25 years' experience of travelling across the globe, from the USA to the Middle East, working with reputable international companies.

We have a team of over 55 chefs on staff that put together new creative menus every   month and are able to create tailor made menus on request. They specialize in various cuisine including; Western, Asian, Arabic, Indian, Fusion foods and more.

Our product line and services are currently available in Qatar, with expansion plans set for Dubai in the near future.


We are one of the few companies in Qatar who produce their meals from scratch, in our very own kitchen in Doha with ingredients bought from trusted suppliers in Qatar; making sure they are served fresh, straight from our kitchen, to our customers.

We have a variety of menus to choose from, which have been designed by our team of over 55 chefs. Our chiefs can create a variety of bespoke menus that will cater to all your guests needs.They specialize in various cuisine including; Western, Asian, Arabic, Indian, Fusion foods and more. Nothing is too much trouble; we develop menus to suit specific dietary requirements, allergies and vegetarian or vegan preferences.
From the initial enquiry, we meet with our customers to establish their needs and to select their menu. This is followed up with a food tasting, in preparation for the event, either at the Dunes kitchen or customer's preferred location. We supply all the equipment necessary, including hot and cold buffets (small or large), food and beverage carriers depending on transportation requirements, serving trays, crockery and cutlery as well as tables and chairs. Uniformed waiters are optional and we offer a clean-up service post event.

Corporate Events

We have catered for corporate events of all sizes, managing all elements from equipment rental to staffing. We aim to deliver a bespoke and tailored service that meets the individual needs of each of our clients. We have the equipment, and more importantly the experienced staff, to deliver exceptional food and service in any location in Qatar.

Social Events

From birthday parties to any special occasion, we make sure that the catering is of the highest standard, so you can enjoy your special day. We have a selection of menus available to choose from, or can design one especially for you to match your event.

Festival Events

With the increasing number of festivals taking place in Qatar, we have extensive experience of helping to deliver something unique. We have the staff and set-up to be able to cater in any environment, with a team of chef's that will create a tailored menu that matches your festival's identity.

Location Catering (Production Crew)

For events hosted in Qatar, by local or international companies, we provide catering services for all crew on the ground. Our menus are typically of Western influence and are comparable to location catering menus all over the world.

We provide a selection of menu options to suit the location's requirements, no matter how demanding or challenging the production or event requirements

Staff Catering (Hotels)

We provide hotel staff with daily, ready to eat wholesome meals. Most of the meals for hotels are catered to the hotel canteen or alternatively, in special circumstances, to the staff's accommodation.

Ready-to-cook frozen food specials

Our ready–to-cook frozen food specials can be made available and delivered for any exclusive event or occasion. We offer this convenient service to make catering needs easyand affordable.

Our frozen food specials include; Kebbe (meat), Kebbe (chicken), Sambousek (meat), Sambousek (cheese), Sambousek spinach, Cheese rolls (rakakat), Sausage roll and Chichbarak.

From banquets to weddings, we are able to supply large quantities of any of the items.

Our Retail Products

We provide a wide range of Lebanese mezze to local supermarkets, five star hotels in Doha and Business and First Class onboard Qatar Airways.

Stuffed grape leaves

Garlic Dip

Hummus Tahini

Baba Gannough



Hummus with Roasted Garlic


Pasta Salad

Greek Salad

Potato Harra (Spicy

Chick Pea Salad

Salad Nicoise

Spicy Hummus

Sambousek Spinach

Sambousek Meat

Sambousek Cheese

Cheese Rolls-Rakakat

Taboule Salad


Hot Meals

Arabic, Lebanese, Western, Chinese and Fusion food items are produced daily by our team of international chefs and are delivered fresh or frozen directly to kitchens and stores.

Our Experience

Doha Film Festival

2009 and 2010
The Doha Film Festival took place in 2009 to 2012. This festival promotes the Arab andInternational Film festival in order to develop a sustainable film industry in Qatar. Dunescatered for this well-known event two years in a row. We provided crew catering andvolunteers packed meals for up to 600 crew members. We offered specialized Arabic andAsian menus and held scheduled taste testing for the event.    

WRG - World Petroleum Congress

The World Petroleum Council organizes this event once every three years, which bringstogether a global discussion of the most pressing issues facing oil and gas producers. Dunesprovided the crew catering and volunteers packed meals. The importance of catering for acrew of up to 700 was essential to the client and Dunes ensured that all crew food demandswere met. We ensured that all ethnic cuisines were provided and provided sampling of thefood before the event. Dunes received outstanding praise from the client for the success incatering for this event.     

Qatar National Day

Fischer Appelt, 2013
In 2013, we successfully catered to 1,170 people over the course of four days, at Qatar’s annualNational Day celebrations at the popular Darb Al Saai location in Al Saad. Every year QatarNational Day is celebrated countrywide to commemorate Qatar’s independence. Every 18thof December hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets and other locations topartake in huge festival like celebrations. Our team was on site all day, with a floor managerto oversee all activities, ensuring the crew had access to a fresh buffet from breakfastthrough to dinner.      

Cirque du Soleil in Qatar with Saltimbanco

Aspire Zone, 2013
In 2013, Canadian performance group Cirque Du Soleil performed their World famous act atthe Aspire Zone in Doha. We were responsible for providing catering for performers as wellas crew who were on site to set up the stages. Approximately 200 people were catered for,for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menus were tailored to suit performer’s dietaryrequirements and one of our primary concerns was ensuring the performers were fed at theright time in what were tight and busy rehearsal and show schedules.    


David Atkins, 2015
In 2015 the 24th edition of the World Men's Handball Championship kicked off in Qatar. Forthe three week duration of the tournament we were the chosen caterers to provide more than3000 meals to 3265 people. We provided a buffet, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for theorganizers and put together packed meals for the volunteers. All meals were made fresh inour central kitchen and delivered directly to the event arena at the Lusailmultipurpose hall.   

Fan Zone Crew Catering

Wasserman Media Group, 2014

The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup was broadcast in a temporary open-air Fan Zone at Doha’scultural village, Katara. We were responsible for providing catering services for theWasserman Media Group team who were commissioned to design, construct, produce andmanage the Fan Zone. We took care of 3,275 crew and made sure we were well prepared toprovide the most efficient service for their production to run smoothly.

There were a few last minute changes, which we handled and managed successfully. As wewere not able to cook on site, all the food was prepared in the central kitchen a few milesaway and ‘hot-boxed’ to site. After the event, we were delighted to hear our Thai fish currywas a firm favorite       

Stuffed grape leaves
Grape leaves, rice, tomato, onion, mint, pomegranate, lemon juice, olive oil, sweet pepper, salt

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